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Five Critical Defence Strategies for Winning Your Impaired Driving Case

OTTAWA CRIMINAL DEFENCE LAWYER – During my career as a criminal lawyer I have successfully fought many impaired driving charges all across Ontario. Along the way, I have picked up five must-have strategies to fight Impaired Driving, Over 80, or Sample Refusal charges at the trial stage.

Today, I’d like to share these important case-winning techniques with you:

  1. 1.      A thorough and critical review of the crown attorney’s evidence. If your lawyer’s review is truly comprehensive, you might be able to have your charges dropped or resolved favourably without a trial.
  2. 2.      Thorough investigation of the facts from your perspective, and from the perspective of witnesses. Any skilled lawyer will meet with you regularly, in-person, to get a complete understanding of your recollection, and to gather the most information about possible witnesses.
  3. 3.      Skillful Cross-Examination at Trial. A top criminal lawyer with litigation experience can often expose errors or inconsistencies in the testimony of Crown witnesses or police officers.
  4. 4.      Thorough understanding of your Charter rights. There are a number of ways your lawyer can show that your detention and arrest was in violation of the Charter of Human Rights.
  5. 5.      Legal counsel from an experienced criminal defence lawyer. An individual representing himself in court will likely be unable to get any value from the above strategies – most don’t know enough about impaired driving laws.

I believe in providing the best possible information to help educate you about Ontario criminal laws and I understand the stressful experience you are facing. That’s why I provided these strategies to help you gain a better understanding of what lies ahead.

If you have been charged with Impaired Driving, Sample Refusal, or Over 80 in Ontario, a top criminal defence lawyer can help you fight to have the charges dismissed. For more information, contact the Ottawa criminal defence lawyers at Auger Holingsworth by email [email protected] or by phone at (613) 233-4529.

They are called “social media” and “public profiles” for a reason.

With the creation of Twitter, Facebook, WordPress and every other content sharing platform our lives went from private to public in nano seconds and we seem to like it.

We share everything from where we are to what were doing and even our opinions. However, social media can be your worst enemy and karma has a long swing on the Internet. Not only are regular people like you and me on social media but, police, lawyers and people in hiring positions.

This example is not from Ottawa but, it shows what you need to worry about. A girl named Emma tweeted about hitting a cyclist with her car and how they deserved it. Turns out the Internet did not agree with her and sent that tweet to the police.  The local police, being on social media, contacted her and made sure she sent a report.

This month we wrote and sent a newsletter talking about social media and how to use/not use it to our clients. If you want this information send us an email at [email protected] and we can send you a pdf or hard copy.

Ottawa: Hiring a Criminal Lawyer

OTTAWA LAWYER-  Financial considerations are part of the process of choosing the right criminal defence lawyer for your case but  they shouldn’t be the most important factor.  That being said, if you are looking to hire a defence lawyer, you are likely wondering how you will be able to afford the expense.  We have a few suggestions to help you through the process.

Although you may be eager to find the right Ontario criminal defence lawyer for you, it is important that you take your time in making your decision.  You should consider a few different lawyers and compare their services, expertise, and cost before choosing one.  If you look into a few lawyers, rather than choosing the first one you hear of or meet, you will be in a better position to choose a lawyer that you can afford and who is best suited to your case.  You will also have a better understanding of what different lawyers charge and what you get for their fees.

While the cost of hiring a lawyer is going to be in your mind, you should really try to put the issue of money in the background.  Do not make financial considerations the most important factor in choosing a criminal defence lawyer.  The cost of hiring a particular lawyer should not be the first question you ask someone.  Once you discuss your case with a lawyer and ask other important questions, you will have time to discuss fees and payment options and see what kind of arrangement can be made.

If you find a lawyer who you think is right for your case, but you cannot afford their services on your own, consider asking close friends and family for some financial assistance.  We understand that it can be difficult and sometimes awkward to ask people for money, but remember that hiring the right criminal defence lawyer is extremely important.  Those individuals that are close to you will likely want what is best for you and will perhaps be able to help you achieve a successful outcome by helping you afford a good criminal lawyer.

There are a number of things to consider when you are looking to hire a criminal defence lawyer.  When it comes to the financial side of things, take your time and do your research about how you may be able to pay for your lawyer.  There are various financial arrangements that can be made so explore all of your options and discuss your situation with your lawyer.  Investing in the right criminal defence lawyer is an important step towards creating a good defence for your case.

Hiring An Ottawa Criminal Lawyer

If you have been charged with a criminal offence in Ottawa, you are possibly overwhelmed and likely thinking about a number of things, one of which might be “how will I afford the cost of a criminal lawyer?”  While the expense of hiring a defence lawyer is certainly a factor, it should not be the most important thing you consider.

The criminal defence lawyers at Auger Hollingsworth are sensitive to the fact that many people cannot afford to pay high fees for their lawyer and most are concerned about the cost of hiring a good lawyer.  Remember, that hiring a good defence lawyer is probably one of the most important decisions you will make so while the cost should be taken into consideration, it shouldn’t be the most important factor.

That being said, if you decide to hire a criminal defence lawyer for your case you may be wondering what you get for the money you pay.  The question “do I get what I pay for?” is difficult to answer.  First of all, the most expensive lawyer is not necessarily the best lawyer.  Individual lawyers set their own fees and these rates depend on a number of things, such as the size of the lawyer’s firm and the lawyer’s operating expenses.

Once you have found a lawyer who you think would best suit you and your case, but their fees are beyond your budget, you can discuss your financial situation with them.  You may be able to come to a financial agreement that suit both of you.  You can explain to your lawyer what you are able to afford immediately, what you can pay later, and when you will be able to pay the rest.  While it is not a guarantee that every lawyer will be flexible, it is definitely worth having a conversation with your lawyer to see if something can be worked out.

When discussing finances with your lawyer, it is best to not quote fees that other lawyers are charging.  You also shouldn’t try to negotiate the fees.  You want to remain professional in your relationship with your lawyer and this is not the time to haggle.  You don’t want your lawyer to have the impression that you don’t take them seriously or that they are not worth their fees.

When deciding upon a criminal defence lawyer, financial considerations are important.  Assess your personal financial situation and try to find a way to set aside the necessary resources to pay for a good lawyer.  Think of paying for a good criminal defence as an important investment in your future.

“Richard is a great person and a great lawyer”

“I was really surprised — I didn’t think my case was going to turn out as well as it did. Richard is a great person and a great lawyer. He knows what he is talking about and I would definitely recommend him as a lawyer for other people. The service at the firm was great. All the staff really helped me.”

-William Barr, Ottawa

July 2011

What you should know about Ontario criminal lawyer advertising – part two


One of our recent articles talked about what to watch out for in lawyer advertising.  This article will look at the other side to inform you about the “right way” to advertise and how you might find good, honest criminal lawyer advertising.  While you want to avoid using directory sites, referral firms and referral sites, you can still find good quality information on the internet; you just need to know how to find it!

When searching online, go directly to the lawyer’s website.  Look specifically for case results, client testimonials, and other kinds of helpful information in order to find out if that firm or lawyer is right for you.  It is also a good idea to take a look at the lawyer’s education, training and background.  Look for things like when they were admitted to the bar and where they have previously worked.  Ideally you should hire a lawyer with significant experience (at least ten years practicing criminal law).

If the lawyer has posted any articles, videos or other free resources on their website, take a look at them.  You don’t have to read everything in great detail, but it is worth spending a few minutes looking at what they have written or spoken about.  Remember that you will be spending a lot of time with your criminal lawyer so you want to hire someone that you can see yourself working with.

In addition to searching the internet for your criminal lawyer, ask friends, family, co-workers if they know any good lawyers that they have had a positive experience with.  Make sure that the lawyers they suggest work in the legal area that is relevant to your charges.

One way to know that a lawyer may be good is to assess the quality of their website content.  If a lawyer has put detailed information about themselves on a website and has included useful information, they are likely a reputable and serious criminal lawyer.   Also, educational content and free resources are also signs of a good lawyer.

If you are looking for an Ontario criminal lawyer to represent you, feel free to contact the defence attorneys at Auger Hollingsworth for a free consultation.

What you should know about Ontario criminal lawyer advertising – part one

Most lawyers advertise their legal services in one way or another.  Most use internet websites as a way of advertising and while this can be a great resource for individuals looking for a criminal lawyer, you have to be careful.  If you are looking for an Ontario criminal lawyer, you have likely been browsing various websites in search of the right lawyer for you.  You should be extra careful when you come across a lawyer directory website that claims it will help you find the right lawyer for your case.  Many of these sites look convincing and professional, but there are a few things you should be aware of.

Most, if not all, of the lawyer directory websites are privately run and are created in order to make a profit.  The lawyers whose names are included in the directory have paid to have their name there.  This does not indicate anything about their experience or expertise as a criminal lawyer.  Directory sites operate much like an online phone book directory.  The lawyers who pay more will have larger, more noticeable advertisements.  Many of these sites have a search engine where you can narrow your search based on certain keywords.  Keep in mind that the names that come up are the lawyers who have paid for their listing to appear based on those search terms.  While this is not all necessarily a bad thing, you should be aware of how the system works if you are going to use it.  Be aware that just because a lawyer’s listing is first in the list or is larger than others, it does not mean that they are the best lawyer for you.

Another kind of website you may come across is a referral site.  These sites ask you for detailed information about yourself and your case in order to put you in touch with a lawyer who matches the information you gave.  This system may sound like it would be accurate and find you the right lawyer but like directory sites, these sites aim to make money.  Lawyers pay to have their names referred to potential clients.  Again, this does not mean that you will get a lousy lawyer, but it also does not guarantee that you will find the best lawyer to represent you.

A third kind of website is a referral firm.  Of all of the kinds of websites that claim to help you find a lawyer, you should be most wary of this one.  On these sites, lawyers advertise legal services without intending to or being capable of providing those services to clients.  When an individual shows interest in the services being offered, the lawyer or referral firm sends the information to another lawyer or firm who can handle your case.  This way, you end up being in contact with a different lawyer than you thought.  Sometimes these referral sites charge people for their referral service, even though individuals don’t know that they are going to be referred in the first place.  Clearly these kinds of sites should be avoided because you just don’t know who will end up speaking with or who will represent you.

As you can see, not all lawyer advertising is good or tells you very much about the lawyers and their expertise and the services they provide.  Although these sites may be appealing and may seem to make the search for a criminal lawyer easier, it is best to avoid them.  You are the only person who can decide which lawyer is right for you.  Don’t leave that decision up to someone else.