They are called “social media” and “public profiles” for a reason.

With the creation of Twitter, Facebook, WordPress and every other content sharing platform our lives went from private to public in nano seconds and we seem to like it.

We share everything from where we are to what were doing and even our opinions. However, social media can be your worst enemy and karma has a long swing on the Internet. Not only are regular people like you and me on social media but, police, lawyers and people in hiring positions.

This example is not from Ottawa but, it shows what you need to worry about. A girl named Emma tweeted about hitting a cyclist with her car and how they deserved it. Turns out the Internet did not agree with her and sent that tweet to the police.  The local police, being on social media, contacted her and made sure she sent a report.

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Looking Back: Schreiber Testimony at House of Commons

Richard Auger sits with Karlheinz Schreiber before the House of Commons Ethics Committee.

OTTAWA PUBLIC INQUIRY LAWYER – Much of my legal work in Ottawa has involved public inquiries. The most recent was the high-profile Oliphant Inquiry, throughout which I was a key legal counsel for witness Karlheinz Schreiber.

My role providing legal advice for Mr. Schreiber, however, goes back further than the inquiry itself. In November of 2007, I assisted Mr. Schreiber by representing him before the Parliamentary Ethics Committee.

During that hearing, Mr. Schreiber fielded questions on a wide variety of issues including:

  • Mr. Schreiber’s 2007 lawsuit seeking $300,000 from former Prime Minister Brian Mulroney.
  • “Bear Head Industries,” a company which Schreiber incorporated in Ottawa and which was intended to set up a manufacturing plant for light-armoured vehicles in Cape Breton, Nova Scotia.

Are you preparing to participate as a witness in a public inquiry or other hearing? It’s important to contact an experienced public inquiry and defence lawyer, who can advise you on how to proceed. For more information, contact the Ottawa criminal defence lawyers at Auger Hollingsworth by email [email protected] or by phone at (613) 233-4529.

Oliphant Commission Asked to “Clarify” Earlier Ruling

In a hearing before the Oliphant Commission on March 24, 2009, Mr. Mulroney’s counsel asked the Commissioner to clarify an earlier ruling about the standard of conduct against which Mr. Mulroney’s actions in connection with Mr. Karlheinz Schreiber would be measured.  Read this link for the Canadian Press report on the exchange, including the quote from Ottawa lawyer Richard Auger.

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CBC’s Fifth Estate – Chess Master

In December 2008, CBC’s Fifth Estate aired an episode called  the “Chess Master”.  In this hour long program, Richard Auger is seen representing Karlheinz Schreiber before the Parliamentary Ethics Committee.

[youtube qM54cI_UTpA]

Richard Auger on CPAC- Part II

On January 22, 2009, Ottawa lawyer Richard Auger was on CPAC representing Karlheinz Schreiber in the  Mulroney/Schreiber Commission of Inquiry.  The purpose of the  hearing was to hear from individuals, groups, governments and agencies that wanted to be granted standing to participate in Part 2 of the Mulroney/Schreiber Commission of Inquiry.

View below an excerpt of the event.

[youtube uR7sr1IdCKU]