Charged with Fraud in Ontario?

Charged with Fraud in Ontario?

Being charged with fraud can be an overwhelming, life-altering experience for you and your family.

In most fraud cases, the potential consequences get more serious as the dollar values involved increases.

Evidence of the fraud can create a complicated paper or electronic trail that must be analyzed by legal experts, and often also by forensic auditors and accountants.

What is Fraud?

Simply put, fraud is a deliberate deception for unlawful gain. Often the term “white-collar crime” is used to describe fraud crimes committed by individuals, businesses and government professionals. Here are some examples:

Tax fraud
Credit Card fraud
Contractor fraud
Bank fraud
Mail fraud
Insurance fraud
Conspiracy to commit fraud
Mortagage fraud
Healthcare fraud
Business fraud
Charity fraud

Fraud charges may be more serious when the alleged fraud involves your employer or similar breaches of trust.

The criminal defence lawyers at Auger Hollingsworth are experienced challenging search warrants and otherwise defending serious fraud charges.

When you are facing fraud or money laundering charges, the sooner you get to an experienced lawyer, the greater the possibility you may have of a favorable outcome. Fraud charges are complex; starting early gives us a chance to examine the details.

For more information about defending your fraud charges, contact Richard Auger at [email protected] or 613 233-4529.

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