Hiring an Ontario Criminal Defence Lawyer: Eight Useful Tips

Hiring an Ontario Criminal Defence Lawyer: Eight Useful Tips

OTTAWA CRIMINAL DEFENCE LAWYER – If you’ve been charged with an Ontario criminal offence, choosing a lawyer to represent you can be tough. This is especially true given the stress and anxiety you’re already experiencing.

We can make that decision easier. Before you hire a criminal defence lawyer, ask yourself the following ten questions:

1.      How many years has the lawyer been representing people with your type of case?

Make sure that the lawyer you’re considering has experience in the legal area of your charges. For example, if you’ve been charged with Impaired Driving, Auger Hollingsworth is a natural choice for legal counsel due to Richard’s many years handling a wide variety of driving offence cases.

2.      How much experience does the firm have in the exact court where your case is pending?

If you’re being tried in Ottawa, get a criminal defence lawyer such as Richard Auger who knows the Ottawa court: the judges, the prosecutors, and what to expect. The same rule applies if you live in Smith’s Falls, Peterborough, or anywhere else in Ontario.

3.      How many lawyers work together at the firm?

At Auger Hollingsworth, we recognize the value of cooperation and multiple inputs on any given case. That’s why we have three lawyers who collaborate to achieve the best results. To get the best results for your case, this is often a better option than hiring a lawyer who works alone.

4.      Is the lawyer accessible?

If you have to leave lots of phone messages with your lawyer and you’re not hearing back, that’s a bad sign. At Auger Hollingsworth we pride ourselves on promptly returning calls from our clients, and invite them to check in on case progress at any time.

5.      Does the firm care about YOUR side of the story?

The lawyer you choose should request from you a statement of case, a social history, and details on who your witnesses are. Auger Hollingsworth will work hard to gather all the facts from your end of the case – and anyone who doesn’t should not be the lawyer you hire to represent you.

6.      Can the firm provide impressive testimonials?

The best way to find out about a firm’s client treatment and results is by checking out their client testimonials, like the ones we have on our own Testimonials page.

7.      Does the lawyer make guarantees about your outcome?

It’s not smart to hire a lawyer who does – such guarantees are frowned upon by North American bar associations and most lawyers. At Auger Hollingsworth we promise we will do our best to achieve your desired results, but will not guarantee a win in any criminal case.

8.      How much will the lawyer charge for services?

Make sure you hire a lawyer who will enter into a retainer agreement, outlining the exact amount that will be paid.

Have you been charged with an Ontario criminal defence? Speaking with a lawyer is a great first step – even if he or she doesn’t take on your case, they can refer you to someone who might. For more information, contact the Ottawa criminal defence lawyers at Auger Hollingsworth by email [email protected] or by phone at (613) 233-4529.

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