Man Allegedly Tries to Run Down Cop

Man Allegedly Tries to Run Down Cop

A 26-year-old man has been arrested and charged after an alleged drunken attempt to run over a police officer on Thursday, April 2nd in Edmonton.

A citizen informed police at the station that an impaired man was leaving a nearby pub in his truck. An officer left the station and saw the truck do a U-turn with its tires spinning.

The truck then allegedly drove straight at the officer who quickly got out of the way. However the driver then sped towards her again, forcing her to once again jump out of the way.

The truck then skidded to a stop and the officer arrested the driver.

Police soon discovered the man was suspended for previous impaired driving convictions.

The driver is facing numerous charges, including: assault with a weapon, impaired driving, disqualified driving and refusing to provide a breath sample.

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