Ottawa Lawyer | Fraud Prevention Centre Opens in Ontario

Ottawa Lawyer | Fraud Prevention Centre Opens in Ontario

OTTAWA FRAUD LAWYER – As a lawyer who often defends individuals charged with fraud and similar financial offences in Ontario, I took a special interest in the recent opening of the Canadian Anti-Fraud Centre (CAFC) in North Bay, Ontario.

The CAFC assists with fraud cases in two ways. They take phone calls from victims of suspected fraud schemes – especially potential “mass-marketing” fraud schemes involving telephone scams – and report incidents of alleged fraud.

The other half of the practice is more concerning for Ontario defence lawyers. The CAFC employs a team of 24 intelligence analysts who are paid to dig up the details of alleged fraud schemes. These details are then sent to law-enforcement agencies.

The CAFC’s brand-new web site,, releases monthly reports containing some fascinating statistics on fraud in Canada. Here are some of the stats they’ve shared for October 2010:

  • The centre received calls from 640 Canadian mass-marketing fraud victims, who were defrauded of more than $2 million in total.
  • The centre received a total of 10,653 phone calls in the one month alone.
  • More than 600 of October’s complainants were victims of identity theft and identity fraud.

The existence of this new centre – especially given its intelligence staff – will only serve to make the situation more difficult for those who have been charged with fraud in Ontario. As Canada continues to crack down on fraud and other white-collar crimes, it is important to make sure you understand your rights if you have been investigated or charged.

Are you under investigation, or have already been charged, in connection with a case of fraud in Ontario? You should not proceed alone – get help and advice from a top criminal defence lawyer who has experience handling white-collar crime and fraud cases. For more information, contact the Ottawa lawyers at Auger Hollingsworth by email [email protected] or by phone at (613) 233-4529.

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