Quebec Seeks Dangerous Offender Status for Impaired Driver

It’s a legal provision generally reserved for the very worst criminals.

A Quebec prosecutor has applied to designate a repeat impaired driver who killed a 47 year old woman last year a dangerous offender.  Although it is unlikely that this application will succeed, it sends a message that Quebec Crown attorneys are getting tougher on impaired driving, over 80 driving and related criminal charges.

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Fraud Charges By Ottawa Police Against Man

According to an Ottawa Police News release, a 26 year old man was charged on December 23, 2008 with the use of a stolen credit card.  The Ottawa police arrested the man after an investigation for fraud.

The police allege that two men entered a store a used the credit card but attracted attention of the security personnel.  When the card was used a second time, the men were arrested.  However, only one individual was criminally charged.   The charges were:  Use of a stolen Credit Card, Personation, Possession of Stolen Property and Draw Document without Authority.

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