Judge Allows Twitter and Blog Updates From Inside Courtroom

The Canadian justice system is doing its part to keep up with the constantly changing technology world. The latest example – a judge recently decided to allow live blogging and Twitter updates from the Larry O’Brien trial.

Several media outlets had applied to use laptops and handheld devices to send information from the courtroom.

The judge stated that the decision applies specifically to this trial, and had there been a jury to consider the decision may have been different. However the ruling has set a precedent. It may show other judges that it’s possible to allow these sorts of “real-time” updates without undermining the course of justice.

The judge acknowledged that this may affect his ability to control the information that is provided to citizens. If an issue arose that wasn’t intended to be made public, it might be put on the Internet before the judge could stop it.

Although the judge ruled in favour of Twitter, he ruled against a CBC application that would allow cameras to be brought into the courtroom.