Wendy Miller, Children’s Project Manager

“I express my sincere appreciation for the time you donated to the Child Advocacy Project.”

“On behalf of Pro Bono Law Ontario, Justice for Children and Youth and the Advocates’ Society, I wish to express my sincere appreciation for your assistance and the time you have donated as a volunteer with the Child Advocacy Project. Your efforts have meant a great deal to the [name omitted] family..I look forward to working with you again.”

Wendy Miller, Children’s Project Manager
Pro Bono Law Ontario

Pro-Bono Work

We support the Child Advocacy Project (“CAP”). CAP is a program that provides free legal services to help safeguard children’s education rights and to resolve education problems that have a legal remedy. CAP is a division of Pro Bono Law (Ontario), an organization designed to promote access to justice for low and moderate-income Ontarians. For more information about CAP or ProBono Law (Ontario) click here.

Auger Hollingsworth donated over $60,000.00 in pro bono legal fees to the residents of Rideau Regional Centre in their fight for fair treatment by the government of Ontario.