Impaired Driving Alleged in Highway 138 Accident

On Highway 138, a male driver of a pick up truck, collided with a car driven by Heather Saaltink.  Ms. Saaltink was killed in the accident.   The male is currently facing charges, including impaired driving.

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Charged with Impaired Driving on 401

A 43-year-old impaired driver caused a two-vehicle crash on Highway 401 in Kingston, near the Sydenham Road exit at 6:45 p. m.

The Toronto man was charged for impaired driving and having a blood alcohol level over 0.08.

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Declining Rate for Drinking and Driving

During the first four weeks of roadside spot check program in Eastern Ontario, the provincial police stopped more than 111,000 vehicles, charged 39 people for impaired driving (over 0.08 blood alcohol level) and issued 125 12-hour license suspensions for drivers with a 0.05 blood alcohol level.

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Avoiding Unnecessary Charges: Refusing to Provide a Breathe Sample

On December 18, 2008 a 29 year old driver was stopped in B.C. for showing symptoms of alcohol impairment.  When the driver was asked to wait several minutes, the driver ran from the scene.

Not too long after, the police dog service found the driver hiding in a nearby residence.  The male was arrested and charged not only for Refusing to Provide a Breathe Sample, but also for Escape Lawful custody, and Break and Enter.

All three charges could have been avoided if the driver had proper legal advice. Being charged with impaired driving and related criminal offences like Over 80 or refusal to blow can cause anxieties, so we have made it our personal mission to inform the public about Drinking and Driving Charges.

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Essential Information About Commercial Host Liability

There are countless articles and stories about drinking and driving charges, but there are some pieces of information that you might not know.

Did you know that commercial hosts serving alcoholic beverages can be held liable, in addition to the automobile’s owner, for financial losses and obligations in the event of impaired driving leading to a car accident?  If a person serves alcohol to their guests, they are legally obligated to provide responsible drinking.

Did you know that no insurance company in Ontario will pay for collision loss if the driver of the motor vehicle has been charged with impaired driving?  This happens to be a standard exclusion for most insurance companies.  Also, the “Public Legal Liability” of the insurance policy is reduced to a minimum limit of $200,000.

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