Edmonton Man Arrested After Two Drunk Driving Related Hit and Runs

A 21-year old Edmonton man has been arrested following two drunk driving related hit-and-runs.

A citizen called police to report a vehicle that was “bouncing off medians, cutting off other vehicles and drifting over lanes”. The vehicle rear-ended a taxi and left the scene, soon after colliding with another vehicle. The vehicle then continued west, driving onto sidewalks.

Police caught up with the vehicle where they pinned it against the curb and arrested the driver. The driver has been charged with impaired driving, two counts of criminal hit-and-run, and dangerous driving.

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Lower Legal Limits for Impaired Drivers May be On the Way

The House of Commons began hearings on February 23, 2009 to investigate whether the legal blood alcohol limit should be reduced to 0.05 rather than 0.08.  It is uncertain whether the current impaired driving laws would simply be amended by lowering the trigger for criminal charges or whether a new, lighter offence would be introduced.

Ontario already imposes a temporary suspension for drivers caught with 0.05 blood alcohol reading.  Beginning in May 2009, Ontario drivers caught between 0.05 and 0.08 will be stripped of their licenses for 3 days for a first instance, seven days for a second instance and 30 days on a their instance.

The changes are not without controversy.  Some feel that focusing on low end alcohol consumption takes the focus off the more dangerous drivers with high blood alcohol content.

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