Woman Charged After Pickup Truck Leaves the Road

A 26-year old Oro-Medonte Township woman faces criminal charges after the pickup truck left the road and landed on its roof in the ditch. She suffered non-life threatening injuries and was taken to the hospital for treatment.

The woman’s blood alcohol content was above the legal limit. She has been charged with impaired driving, driving over 80 and driving without a licence.

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Edmonton Man Arrested After Two Drunk Driving Related Hit and Runs

A 21-year old Edmonton man has been arrested following two drunk driving related hit-and-runs.

A citizen called police to report a vehicle that was “bouncing off medians, cutting off other vehicles and drifting over lanes”. The vehicle rear-ended a taxi and left the scene, soon after colliding with another vehicle. The vehicle then continued west, driving onto sidewalks.

Police caught up with the vehicle where they pinned it against the curb and arrested the driver. The driver has been charged with impaired driving, two counts of criminal hit-and-run, and dangerous driving.

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New Police Officer Honoured for Work Against Drunk Driving

Gainesville, Florida police officer Joey Devore will be honoured later this spring for his work against drunk driving in 2008. Devore made more than 100 DUI arrests last year, and his work has been singled out by Mothers Against Drunk Driving. Devore will be among dozens of Florida officers who will be honoured at the annual Florida MADD banquet. The banquet is held so officers know their work against drunk driving is appreciated.

According to the Florida Highway Patrol, in the state alone there are approximately 22,000 alcohol-related crashes each year, which results in around 1,200 deaths, and 16,000 injuries.

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