Fake Paralegal Prevented From Helping Client

A man who was allegedly drumming up legal business by posing as a paralegal was barred from the Ottawa courthouse on Thursday, May 28th, 2009.

The man, who was recently convicted of fraud in Gatineau, appeared in the prisoner’s dock in Ottawa court to explain why he should continue representing his client, an Ottawa man who has been accused of drunk driving.

The client had been having difficulty contacting his legal representative and learned for the first time on Thursday that his attorney has been sentenced to 15 months in Gatineau jail.. He immediately fired his representative.

The judge said the attorney was not at all qualified to represent defendants in an Ontario court. Based on expert advice from a court interpreter, the judge also rejected the man’s claim that the word “EXCRIM” – which was written on his business card – means “to assist” in Swahili.  The word does not even exist in Swahili.

All of the attorney’s previous involvement in the case has been stricken from the record. This will also prevent him from representing others after he leaves jail.