Illegal Gambling Charges Overturned by Ontario Judge

OTTAWA CRIMINAL DEFENCE LAWYER – Illegal gambling is one of the Ontario criminal charges that some of my clients are facing when they call me for legal consultation.

A conviction for illegal gambling activities – which the Ontario Provincial Police explain can include illegal bookmaking and unauthorized card dens or video lottery machines – could end up with you paying serious fines and penalties, or even serving a prison sentence.

But if your charges were brought against you wrongfully, there is often a practical strategy your lawyer can use to have them dismissed or withdrawn. I have successfully fought all kinds of white collar crime cases, and just recently achieved positive results in an illegal gambling case in Kingston, Ontario.

I was representing a Corrections Canada employee living in Smith’s Falls, who pleaded guilty to the illegal gambling charges against him. However, we were successful in achieving a conditional discharge for the client – including 12 months of probation.

A woman who also pled guilty and was convicted in the same case was forced to pay a $10,000 fine. The story of the withdrawn charges made regional headlines in Eastern Ontario, and you can read the full story online here at the Kingston Whig-Standard’s website.

When it comes to illegal gambling and other serious Ontario white-collar crime charges, sometimes all it takes to avoid a large fine or imprisonment is some help and advice from the best criminal defence lawyer for your case.

Have you been charged with a white-collar crime such as illegal gambling, fraud, or tax evasion? It’s important that you speak with a criminal defence lawyer who can give you valuable advice on how to proceed. For more information, contact the Ottawa lawyers at Auger Hollingsworth by email at [email protected] or by phone at (613) 233-4529.