Hiring a Criminal Defence Lawyer | Payment Options

Ontario’s Attorney General Chris Bentley made it clear this weekend there is unlikely to be a change in the Legal Aid Plan any time soon.  The AG acknowleged that there is no money for lawyers doing legal aid but suggested that the time for asking for higher tariffs is not now.

With legal aid hourly rates so low, many experienced lawyers will not, or cannot, take legal aid cases.  If you are accused of a serious crime, consider hiring a criminal defence lawyer privately, on a payment plan.  Trial dates are usually far enough in advance that an affordable plan can be put in place so that you can receive the representation you want and need to get the best outcome for your criminal charges.

A criminal defence lawyer at Auger Hollingsworth will speak to you about your case at an initial consultation.  If you would like to speak to a criminal lawyer in Ottawa, Smiths Falls, Perth, Kingston, Toronto or Cornwall, email [email protected].