Edmonton Man Confesses to 18th Drunk Driving Offense

A 66-year-old Edmonton man is awaiting sentencing after admitting to his 18th drunk driving offense. The driver confessed to impaired driving causing bodily harm (his 18th offense), as well as two counts of driving while disqualified. The Crown has said it will seek a prison term of six to eight years.

The man was arrested Christmas Day 2007 after turning into oncoming traffic and crashing into another vehicle. Emergency workers smelled alcohol on his breath while removing him from the vehicle. The man gave the police two breath samples and the results were 0.135 and 0.139. He also had six outstanding suspensions on his driver’s licence and nine outstanding criminal suspensions.

The man has drunk driving convictions in Saskatchewan, Alberta and British Columbia which date back to 1966. His first arrest got him a six month driving ban and a $175 fine. In 1999, he received a sentence of 26 months in prison and a three-year driving ban for two counts of impaired driving and two counts of driving while disqualified.

In between those offenses, he has got sentences of 30 months, 18 months, 18 months, 12 months, 9 months, 6 months, 5 months, 4 months, and 30 days. He has also been fined a total of $2,000 and been placed on probation.