Ottawa Tax Evasion Lawyer

Tax evasion and other violations of Canada’s Income Tax Act are serious criminal offences.  Canada’s Income Tax Act outlines all of the possible offences regarding the submission, payment, and handling of tax.  Some of the more serious offences include making a false statement in a tax return, altering or destroying your account books with the intent of avoiding tax, and purposely avoiding tax payment.  In addition to these offences, less serious infringements and regulatory offences are also outlined in Canada’s Income Tax Act.

Some may think that tax evasion is a crime committed exclusively by wealthy individuals or businesses, but in reality, offences against Canada’s Income Tax Act are more common than you might think.  Whether intentionally or accidentally, many individuals fail to file their tax returns, submit their returns late, or fail to report income on their returns.

It is very important that you complete your tax return forms properly in order to avoid any criminal charges.  In the event that you are charged with violating the Income Tax Act, contact a criminal lawyer who can help you create a defence for your case.

If you are charged with violating the Income Tax Act, you may have recourse to one or more of the possible defences available to those charged with tax evasion.  If you are found guilty of the offence, you will likely be responsible for paying the tax as well as any related penalties and interest.  In some circumstances, individuals can receive a criminal sentence in addition to these financial penalties.  These criminal sentences can include additional fines as well as time in prison.  Your lawyer will be able to advise you and defend your charges appropriately, based on the specific nature of your case.