Teens Pulled Over Doing 132 in a 60KM/H Zone

RCMP officers pulled over a car full of teenagers on the Ottawa River Parkway last Wednesday, March 18th, after their speed was clocked at 132 km/h in a 60km/h zone.

When the officers called a tow truck to retrieve the car for impoundment under excessive speeding laws, the driver told them there were two more teens in the trunk.

Despite the dangers of riding in the trunk of a vehicle, it is not illegal. Ottawa-area police say this practice – which is known as “trunking” – is not common, but at least one serious collision involving the practice has occurred in the area within the past few years.

The driver faces charges under speeding provisions of the Highway Traffic Act. His licence was suspended and his car impounded under amendments to the Highway Traffic Act introduced in October 2007, which are aimed at street and stunt racers.

In the previous “trunking” incident a 16-year-old boy suffered critical injuries after he and his friend were riding inside the trunk of a car that lost control, struck a hydro pole, and then crashed into the front porch of a house.

The boy was taken to hospital with multiple fractures and internal bleeding. He has since recovered. The trunk area of the car received the most damage in the incident.

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