Fraud and theft charges withdrawn: Stephanie’s Case


Theft not exceeding $5000/Shoplifting contrary to Section 344(b) of the Criminal Code of Canada

Fraud not exceeding $5000 contrary to Section 380(1) (b) of Criminal Code of Canada


Stephanie was observed by security guards at Walmart trying to return 3 woman’s jackets that she had not purchased. The officers at the store had suspected Stephanie of fraudulent returns for several months. After having the return refused, Stephanie began shopping in the store. When leaving the store, she used a self-checkout machine. After she had left the building, the Walmart employee apprehended Stephanie and found that the items on her receipt did not match the items she was leaving with. The police were called and Stephanie was arrested, charged and released on an appearance notice.


After my negotiations with the Crown, it was agreed that all charges against Stephanie would be withdrawn. The charges were withdrawn in Ottawa court.

Forty Under 40 – 2008: Brenda Hollingsworth

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