Ottawa Extradition Lawyer: Extradition Application Quashed

Ottawa extradition lawyer Richard represented a defendant in an application for extradition of a person wanted in the U.S. on fraud allegations relating to a $500,000,000 fraud against the City of Philadelphia. After two weeks of hearings the extraditions judge agreed with Richard’s argument and the application for extradition was dismissed. Location: Toronto, Ontario.

Application for Extradition to Philippines Denied

Criminal lawyer Richard Auger represented a woman in an application by the Philippines for her on fraud charges. Richard was successful in having application denied. Location: Toronto, Ontario

Note: The previous two extradition cases are important because normally extradition is granted in Canada almost automatically. It is very difficult to defeat a request for extradition.

Doctor Wins $40,000 for House Calls

Richard represented a doctor in a billing dispute with OHIP. OHIP took the position that the doctor was not permitted to bill OHIP for house calls. The Medical Review Committee agreed with Richard, resulting in OHIP repaying the doctor $40,000. This case had a positive impact on other doctors with the same issue, resulting in payment to other physicians of $160,000. Location: Toronto, Ontario