Ottawa White Collar Criminal Defence Lawyer

In our Ontario criminal defence practice often even if the case is not “white collar” itself, our client will be  white collar in background.   A relatively minor domestic assault or drug charge, for example, brought against a physician or dentist might be as life-altering to his/her reputation and practice as tax evasion charges would be.  Quite frankly, many professionals face the possibility of losing their professional licenses if convicted of certain criminal offences. Other business people face the prospect of failing background checks.  In any of these cases, a full time, experienced criminal defence lawyer is required to achieve the best result.

Our criminal practice focuses most of its lawyer hours to the defence of major crimes and large criminal cases.  White collar criminal defence is our primary practice area.   How can that be?  Well, the most serious criminal cases– for which the criminally accused has the resources to retain a seriously aggressive criminal defence lawyer—are white collar criminal cases.

Our white collar criminal defence practice focuses primarily on the following criminal charges: tax evasion, accounting fraud, investment fraud, deceptive trade practices, securities violations, insider trading,  business crimes, organized crimes, gambling organizations, internet crimes, computer crime, bank fraud, counterfeiting, forgery, racketeering, land fraud, real estate scams, Nigerian scams, credit card fraud and more.

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