History of Ottawa Law Firm

Ottawa law firm Auger Hollingsworth had modest beginnings. In 2004, criminal defence lawyer Richard Auger started the firm with one client file, operating in shared office space with another law firm. Months later, Richard’s wife Brenda Hollingsworth, a litigation and personal injury specialist, joined the firm and became an equal partner.

The firm grew quickly as a result of Richard and Brenda’s tireless work ethic. Early successes for clients led to word of mouth referrals and a buzz in the legal and business circles in Ottawa. As word spread about the law firm recognition soon followed.  The firm was named the bronze winner of the Ottawa Business Journal’s “New Business of the Year” award in 2006.

Since then, the firm has continued to prosper and grow while maintaining a commitment to providing the close personal attention to clients that made the firm a success in its earliest years. Though widely recognized as a leading law firm in Ontario for criminal defence and personal injury law, each client that the firm signs on has their case worked on by one of the partners at the firm. Though we have remarkable legal support staff, we believe that when a client signs up to work with a firm after meeting with a partner, they expect it will be that partner who is doing the legwork for them. At Auger Hollingsworth, that is how we work.

We are located at 1443 Woodroffe Avenue, Ottawa, ON K2G 1W1.