Looking to Hire an Ottawa Lawyer?

If you are looking to hire an Ontario lawyer you probably want a lawyer who is likely to get the results you want.  While there is no sure way to know if the case will end in your favour, hiring a lawyer who has a good track record can only help.  Years of experience are important but it is more important that your lawyer has consistent positive results. One way to asses a lawyer’s track record is to look at their case results and testimonials.  Most lawyers will have a website where you can access some of this information.  Take time to do some research and see if you can have access to some of their case results and client testimonials.  It can be very beneficial to hear about the experience that other individuals have had with a particular lawyer. Another way to look into a lawyer’s track record is to see if they have ever received any awards or distinctions.  These kinds of honours show that a lawyer has received particular recognition from local associations, their peers, governing bodies, and professional organizations.  A good lawyer will probably include this information on their website since the internet is often the first place individuals go to find information. You can also assess a lawyer’s track record by finding out if he or she has ever been disciplined by the Law Society.  The Law Society deals with any complaints that come up against a lawyer and its purpose it to protect the public.  In order to protect the public the Law Society also pursues disciplinary action against lawyers if it becomes necessary.  While it may seem awkward to bring up this issue, it is important for you to know if the lawyer has had any complaints filed against him or her or if he or she has ever been disciplined.  Although you shouldn’t base your decision about hiring a particular lawyer on this point alone, knowing this kind of information can help you get a complete impression of a lawyer.